Mar 08

Still Alive

Well I’m back online with a new laptop, thanks to the few who donated, it goes without saying that I am extremely grateful. I’m currently in the process now of reinstalling software, getting things back online and then will be looking at my processes and trying to streamline them for continued scenery production.

As for flightplanning, that is a different matter, my source of data for large airlines has shut down the only way to get data for free and I simply don’t have the time, money or ultimately interest in funding continued data access as I would be spending simply too much to justify without charging for my plans. I may carry on doing a few small airlines and possibly some GA stuff but large airlines like Emirates, British Airways, etc. won’t be happening.

I look forward to updating you all soon.

Nov 06

Scoot Winter 2013

Scoot Boeing 777-212(ER)

Scoot are a low cost, long haul Singapore based airline operating to destinations in Australia and across Asia using their fleet of Boeing 777-200ER aircraft obtained from their parent company Singapore Airlines. I recommend the repaint by Juergen Baumbusch for the Boeing 777-200 model by The Fruit Stand.

Download the plans here – AVSIM or FlightSim.Com

Nov 02

Pan Pan Pan

Well just over a week ago my computer decided that it couldn’t take it any more and went down in flames. Thankfully all my work is stored on an external hard drive, sadly all the software I need to work on it wasn’t. So in the interim period such that I can afford to buy a new computer (which will probably be quite a while) all projects are on hold. It’s not an easy decision to make but I hope you can all understand that this isn’t my choice and progress on my Canadian terrain project was proceeding at a fairly good pace.

I may and try and do some flightplanning again, I’ve got the MRAI compiler installed on my wife’s computer so who knows and in the  meantime since Christmas is coming if the spirit of giving compels you please hit the donate button, all money will go to the “Ben’s New PC Fund”, sadly however I don’t think that will qualify you for gift aid but trust me when I say that you will have both my enormous gratitude and a free copy of my Canadian terrain project when it’s finished (if enough people donate then I’ll set up a link to download what has been done so far as an interim gift).

Nov 02

United Traffic Team

With the current situation surround the United Traffic Team I have taken the sad decision to remove all links to their website and models. I simply can’t support this apparent piracy of others work and until such time as they choose to resolve the issues at hand I will not be re-linking back to their site. I’m sure that not all the people there are behind this but a few bad apples taint the whole bushel. I hope they can sort out the mess they have created.

Sep 01

British Airways Group

Well I managed to put together what appears to be a good data set for the entire British Airways Group for this coming winter and I’m slowly going through things to get everything to a base compiled state. So far OpenSkies, BA CityFlyer and British Airways Ltd (that’s not British Airways) are all good and hopefully the rest go smoothly too. For those wondering about the A380 and B787 I’ve chosen the last week of October to ensure that all destinations for both types are included, it’s also conveniently when BA have a new schedule go live which is making things easier. I’ll keep you all informed of progress but barring any problems I’ll be putting out the entire group soon.

Aug 27

Kona Shuttle – Summer 2013

 Kona Shuttle Boeing 737-7BX

Kona Shuttle is a private all first-class operation that flies solely from Oakland, California to Kona, Hawaii ferrying residents of three exclusive developments on the North Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii, The Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Kukio, and Mauna Lani. There are no tickets sold for flights onboard this aircraft, nor is it advertised anywhere, instead residents only can fly as often as they wish, including their friends, family and staff, as they pay for the airline each year through in a subscription based manner. The flights are operated by Kaiser Air under the callsign Kaiser 99. I recommend the repaint by Philippe Tabatchnik (FS9 or FSX) for the Boeing 737-700 model by FAIB.

Download the plans here –

Aug 15

Xstrata Nickel Summer 2013 Updated

Xstrata Nickel Boeing 737-2R8 Adv. (C)

Ok guys Xstrata have now begun using their callsign of RAGLAN and so these plans have been updated accordingly, hopefully someone will make the RAGLAN callsign and then you will hear C-FFAL call as RAGLAN 100 and C-GXNR call as RAGLAN 200.

Download the plans here – AVSIM or FlightSim.Com

Aug 03

AI Monthly July 2013

Well the newest issue of AI Monthly is here with us now, another good read and a great way to keep up to date with what’s going on in the AI world each month. Read it here – AI Monthly July 2013

Past Issues

Aug 02

AI Aircraft Model Database

Well slowly but surely I’m adding to my newest resource page – AI Aircraft Models – which lists not only each models download link but also their paintkit and their sim compatibility be it FS9/FSX Native or as is the case of the updated AI Aardvark models, FSX Native but in most cases still using FS9 paints which will give you better fps but still have the same texture issues of using FS9 models in FSX. Hopefully it will be as useful as the IATA/ICAO Aircraft Codes list!

Jul 28

United Arab Emirates Air Force – Dubai Air Wing Boeing 747-2B4B/SF A6-GDP

United Arab Emirates Air Force - Dubai Air Wing Boeing 747-2B4B/SF A6-GDP

The Dubai Air Wing are one of two VIP transport units of the United Arab Emirates Air Force for the Sheikhs of the country. They operate a number of aircraft from the small Avro RJ85 up to large Boeing 747 aircraft. This aircraft was formerly operated by them circa 2007 to transport their horses to races around the world.

This repaint also includes a set of flightplans that were created at the time and are representative of her real world operations.

Download the paint and plans here – AVSIM or

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