May 19

EG&G Flight Operations Summer 2013

EG&G Flight Operations Boeing 737-66N

EG&G Flight Operations or as they are more commonly known “Janet” are a small “black” airline that ferry workers to the Tonopah Test Range and Area 51 from their base at Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport and from Air Force Plant 42 located at Palmdale Regional Airport aboard their fleet of six Boeing 737-66N aircraft. EG&G Flight Operations also operate a small fleet of Beech 200C and 1900C aircraft however these are outside the scope of this flightplan due to the inability to accurately track these aircraft. I recommend the repaint by Juergen Baumbusch (FS9 or FSX) for the Boeing 737-600 model by FAIB.

Download the plans here – AVSIM or FlightSim.Com


  1. David

    Thanks a bunch Ben for doing Janet. As a SWA flier both real world and in sim it sure is neat to see those flights out and about.

    1. realbigtree

      Thank you David, it’s gratifying to know my work is appreciated! :-)

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