Jun 12

Something New


Something totally new for you all today. I’ll let the image do the talking and you do the guessing what it is.


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  1. John Haley

    Some type of terrain landclass enhancement? Something to do with Orbyx’s upcoming global texture release?

  2. shane strong

    I am thinking new terrian mesh for NFLD?

  3. realbigtree

    Both of you are correct and yet not quite. This is a new terrain mesh, not just for Newfoundland though but for the entire of Canada, compiled to LOD11 (19m), the highest possible with currently available Canadian data featuring the now completed CDED data merged seamlessly with the NED data set along the US border. Not only that however this product will also feature all the roads, rivers, lakes etc. that bring the landscape to life.

    As for Orbx yes this would be a perfect complement to their product, they have taken care of textures and landclass replacement but left mesh and other details well alone which is fantastic for compatibility. Oh and yes it’s for not only FSX but also FS2004 and potentially for P3D too although I’ve yet to dabble with that sim.

    The final point is that while I’m not decided where it will be set, I can tell you that the price point will be significantly less than other options while giving you more for you money. Trust me this will be a pocket money product and nowhere near the realm of most other addons these days. If it’s a success like I hope it will be then I will look to complete the United States to the same level of detail (and higher where the data is available).

    I’ll post some more screenshots of my progress in a couple of days, hopefully with some in-sim comparison shots.

    1. Er!k

      I would like to volunteer to test the FS9 version :)

      1. realbigtree

        Sounds good, still a way to go on Canada before release but something else is closing in…

  4. shane strong

    if you need a p3d beta tester thats all i use :)

    1. realbigtree

      Thanks Shane, I will be looking for a few testers in the future so I’ll keep your name on hand for P3D. :-)

  5. John H

    How are things coming with the project? Let me know if I can help. I’m a dedicated FSX user now.

    1. realbigtree

      Hey John thanks for the offer, things are coming along slowly. I suffer from a rare and strange affliction called Magpie Syndrome so often go “Oooo shiny” and end up therefore working on 4, 5, 6,…. things at once lol. So don’t worry it’s coming along with another terrain project (well actually two), a large GA project (well actually three) and a few other more normal plans. I won’t need any help with the making but will need help with testing talking of which I may send you something in the next few days….

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