Sep 01

British Airways Group

Well I managed to put together what appears to be a good data set for the entire British Airways Group for this coming winter and I’m slowly going through things to get everything to a base compiled state. So far OpenSkies, BA CityFlyer and British Airways Ltd (that’s not British Airways) are all good and hopefully the rest go smoothly too. For those wondering about the A380 and B787 I’ve chosen the last week of October to ensure that all destinations for both types are included, it’s also conveniently when BA have a new schedule go live which is making things easier. I’ll keep you all informed of progress but barring any problems I’ll be putting out the entire group soon.


  1. regulate

    Hopefully all of the FAIB paints for BA group will be out before then. Thanks for your efforts!

  2. TopGun

    Thank you for your efforts !

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