Nov 02

Pan Pan Pan

Well just over a week ago my computer decided that it couldn’t take it any more and went down in flames. Thankfully all my work is stored on an external hard drive, sadly all the software I need to work on it wasn’t. So in the interim period such that I can afford to buy a new computer (which will probably be quite a while) all projects are on hold. It’s not an easy decision to make but I hope you can all understand that this isn’t my choice and progress on my Canadian terrain project was proceeding at a fairly good pace.

I may and try and do some flightplanning again, I’ve got the MRAI compiler installed on my wife’s computer so who knows and in the  meantime since Christmas is coming if the spirit of giving compels you please hit the donate button, all money will go to the “Ben’s New PC Fund”, sadly however I don’t think that will qualify you for gift aid but trust me when I say that you will have both my enormous gratitude and a free copy of my Canadian terrain project when it’s finished (if enough people donate then I’ll set up a link to download what has been done so far as an interim gift).

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  1. Shane Strong

    If you need any help with getting your terrain project done let me know I have alot of experience doing most anything with fsx

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