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AI Aircraft Models

The following is will be a listing of all recommended AI Aircraft models currently available including links to their paintkits where available. The FS9/FSX columns indicate the native sim for each respective model. Please note however that all FS9 models will work in FSX albeit with some issues.

Those models marked with a blue exclamation mark are native FSX models however the majority of textures available for them will be designed for the FS9 version of the same model and so while you will see increased frame rates you will still have the same issues as using a pure FS9 aircraft if the textures have not been updated to FSX standards.

Manufacturer and Type
Airbus A300-600tfs300.zipGE - TFS_A306_GE_Paintkit_1_0.zip

PW - TFS_A306_PW_Paintkit_1_0.zip
The Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A300B2-B4tfs300.zipGE - TFS_A300B_GE_Paintkit_1_0.zip

PW - TFS_A300B_PW_Paintkit_1_0.zip
The Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A310tfs310.zipGE - TFS_A310_GE_Paintkit_1_3.zip

PW - TFS_A310_PW_Paintkit_1_2.zip
The Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A318FAIBA318.zipNot yet releasedFAIBYesYes
Airbus A319FAIBA319.zipNot yet releasedFAIBYesYes
Airbus A320FAIBA320.zipNot yet releasedFAIBYesYes
Airbus A321FAIBA321.zipNot yet releasedFAIBYesYes
Airbus A330-200tfs332.zipGE - tfs332pg.zip

PW - tfs332pp.zip

RR - tfs332pr.zip
The Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A330-200Ftfs332f.zipNot yet releasedThe Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A330-300tfs333.zipGE - tfs333pg.zip

PW - tfs333pr.zip

RR - tfs333pw.zip
The Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A340-200tfs342.ziptfs342pk.zipThe Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A340-300tfs343.ziptfs343pk.zipThe Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A340-500tfs345.ziptfs345pk.zipThe Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A340-600tfs346.ziptfs346pk.zipThe Fruit StandYesNo
Airbus A380-800tfs388.zipNot yet releasedThe Fruit StandYesNo
Boeing 717FS9 - aia_b717.zip

FSX - aiafsx01.zip
aia717pk.zipAI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 727-100FS9 - aia721pk.zip

FSX - aiafsx01.zip
Included with FS9 modelAI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 727-200FS9 - aia722p2.zip

FSX - aiafsx01.zip
Included with FS9 modelAI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 737-200FAIB7372V12.zipCombi - FAIB_B7372PK_C.zip

Freight - FAIB_B7372PK_F.zip

Pax - FAIB_B7372PK_P.zip
Boeing 737-300FAIB7373V12.zipFAIB_B7373PK.zipFAIBYesYes
Boeing 737-400FAIB7374V12.zipFAIB_B7374PK.zipFAIBYesYes
Boeing 737-500FAIB7375V12.zipFAIB_B7375PK.zipFAIBYesYes
Boeing 737-600FAIB7376V12.zipFAIB7376PK.zipFAIBYesYes
Boeing 737-700FAIB7377V12.zipFAIB7377PK.zipFAIBYesYes
Boeing 737-800FAIB7378V12.zipFAIB7378PK.zipFAIBYesYes
Boeing 737-900FAIB7379V12.zipFAIB7379PK.zipFAIBYesYes
Boeing 747-100/200GE - aia742ge.zip

PW - aia742pw.zip

RR - aia742rr.zip

FSX PW - aiafsx01.zip

No FSX GE/RR model
GE - pk742ge.zip

PW - pk742pw.zip

RR - pk742rr.zip
AI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 747-100F/200FGE - ai742fge.zip

PW - ai742fpw.zip

RR - ai742frr.zip

FSX PW - aiafsx01.zip

No FSX GE/RR model
GE - pk742fge.zip

PW - pk742fpw.zip

RR - pk742frr.zip
AI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 747-300CF6-50 - aia743b5.zip

CF6-80 - aia743b8.zip

PW - aia743bp.zip

RR - aia743br.zip

FSX PW - aiafsx01.zip

No FSX CF6-50/CF6-80 or RR model
CF6-50 - aia74350.zip

CF6-80 - aia74380.zip

PW - aia743pw.zip

RR - aia743rr.zip
AI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 747-400GE - ai744upg.zip

400D GE - 74dupg.zip

PW - ai744upp.zip

RR - ai744upr.zip

FSX GE - aiafsx01.zip

No FSX PW/RR or 400D GE model
GE - ai744upg.zip

400D GE - 74dupg.zip

PW - ai744upp.zip

RR - ai744upr.zip
AI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 747-400FGE - aia747fb.zip

FSX GE - aiafsx01.zip
Not yet releasedAI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 747-8
Boeing 747-8F
Boeing 757-200Alpha India GroupYes
Boeing 757-300Alpha India GroupYes
Boeing 767-200AI MalcontentYes
Boeing 767-300AI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 767-400AI AardvarkYesYes but...
Boeing 777-200The Fruit StandYesNo
Boeing 777-200LRThe Fruit StandYesNo
Boeing 777-300The Fruit StandYesNo
Boeing 777-300ERThe Fruit StandYesNo
Boeing 787-800
Dornier 328-100jbai_dornier328_v2.zipjbai_do328-100_paintkit.zipJBAIYesYes
Ilyushin Il-96-300Traffic Il-96-300.zipNot yet releasedRATSYesYes
Ilyushin Il-96-400Traffic Il-96-400.zipNot yet releasedRATSYesYes


  1. Gary Jones

    Thanks for your work in compiling this list. I am sure this will be very helpful to all simmers in need of AI models/paintkits…Thanks!!

    1. realbigtree

      Thanks Gary glad it’s of help! Slowly but surely I’m filling it up and I hope it will be complete soon.

  2. Roger Martin

    Hi Ben
    Thank you so much for the list of kits and all the great work you do.!!!
    Kind Regards
    Roger martin
    Kansas U.S.A.

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