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IATA/ICAO Aircraft Codes

Aircraft Manufacturer and Type
Wake Category
100F100Fokker 100M
141B461BAe 146-100 PaxM
142B462BAe 146-200 PaxM
143B463BAe 146-300 PaxM
146BAe 146 all pax modelsM
14FBAe 146 Freighter (-100/200/300QT & QC)M
14XB461BAe 146 Freighter (-100QT & QC)M
14YB462BAe 146 Freighter (-200QT & QC)M
14ZB463BAe 146 Freighter (-200QT & QC)M
310A310Airbus A310 all pax modelsH
312A310Airbus A310-200 paxH
313A310Airbus A310-300 paxH
318A318Airbus A318M
319A319Airbus A319M
31FA310Airbus A310 FreighterH
31XA310Airbus A310-200 FreighterH
31YA310Airbus A310-300 FreighterH
320A320Airbus A320-100/200M
321A321Airbus A321-100/200M
32Sn/aAirbus A318/319/320/321M
330A330Airbus A330 all modelsH
332A332Airbus A330-200H
333A333Airbus A330-300H
33FA332Airbus A330 FreighterH
33XA332Airbus A330-200 FreighterH
340A340Airbus A340 all modelsH
342A342Airbus A340-200H
343A343Airbus A340-300H
345A345Airbus A340-500H
346A346Airbus A340-600H
380Airbus A380 paxH
38FAirbus A380 FreighterH
703B703Boeing 707-300 paxH
707n/aBoeing 707/720 all pax modelsH
70FB703Boeing 707 FreighterH
70MB703Boeing 707 CombiH
717B712Boeing 717M
721B721Boeing 727-100 paxM
722B722Boeing 727-200 paxM
727n/aBoeing 727 all pax modelsM
72BB721Boeing 727-100 Mixed ConfigurationM
72CB722Boeing 727-200 Mixed ConfigurationM
72Fn/aBoeing 727 Freighter (-100/200)M
72Mn/aBoeing 727 CombiM
72SB722Boeing 727-200 Advanced paxM
72WB721Boeing 727-200 (winglets) paxM
72XB721Boeing 727-100 FreighterM
72YB722Boeing 727-200 FreighterM
731B731Boeing 737-100 paxM
732B732Boeing 737-200 paxM
733B733Boeing 737-300 paxM
734B734Boeing 737-400 paxM
735B735Boeing 737-500 paxM
736B736Boeing 737-600 paxM
737n/aBoeing 737 all pax modelsM
738B738Boeing 737-800 paxM
739B739Boeing 737-900 paxM
73CB733Boeing 737-300 (winglets) paxM
73EB735Boeing 737-500 (winglets)paxM
73Fn/aBoeing 737 all Freighter modelsM
73GB737Boeing 737-700 paxM
73HB738Boeing 737-800 (winglets) paxM
73JB739Boeing 737-900 (winglets) paxM
73LB732Boeing 737-200 CombiM
73Mn/aBoeing 737 CombiM
73PB734Boeing 737-400 FreighterM
73QB734Boeing 737-400 CombiM
73RB737Boeing 737-700 CombiM
73WB737Boeing 737-700 (winglets) paxM
73XB732Boeing 737-200 FreighterM
73YB733Boeing 737-300 FreighterM
741B741Boeing 747-100 paxH
742B742Boeing 747-200 paxH
743B743Boeing 747-300 paxH
744B744Boeing 747-400 paxH
747n/aBoeing 747 all pax modelsH
74BB744Boeing 747-400 Swingtail FreighterH
74CB742Boeing 747-200 CombiH
74DB743Boeing 747-300 CombiH
74EB744Boeing 747-400 CombiH
74Fn/aBoeing 747 all Freighter modelsH
74HB748Boeing 747-8 IntercontinentalH
74JB744Boeing 747-400 (Domestic) paxH
74LN74SBoeing 747SPH
74Mn/aBoeing 747 all Combi modelsH
74NB748Boeing 747-8 FreighterH
74RB74RBoeing 747SR paxH
74TB741Boeing 747-100 FreighterH
74UB743Boeing 747-300 / 747-200 SUD FreighterH
74VB74RBoeing 747SR FreighterH
74XB742Boeing 747-200 FreighterH
74YB744Boeing 747-400 FreighterH
752B752Boeing 757-200 paxH
753B753Boeing 757-300 paxH
757n/aBoeing 757 all pax modelsH
75FB752Boeing 757 FreighterH
75MB752Boeing 757 Mixed ConfigurationH
75TB753Boeing 757-300 paxH
75WB752Boeing 757-200 (winglets) paxH
762B762Boeing 767-200 paxH
763B763Boeing 767-300 paxH
764B764Boeing 767-400 paxH
767n/aBoeing 767 all pax modelsH
76Fn/aBoeing 767 all Freighter modelsH
76WB763Boeing 767-300 (winglets) paxH
76XB762Boeing 767-200 FreighterH
76YB763Boeing 767-300 FreighterH
772B772Boeing 777-200 paxH
773B773Boeing 777-300 paxH
777n/aBoeing 777 all pax modelsH
77Fn/aBoeing 777 FreighterH
77LB772Boeing 777-200LR paxH
77WB77WBoeing 777-300ER paxH
77XB77LBoeing 777-200 FreighterH
783B783Boeing 787-3 paxH
788B788Boeing 787-8 paxH
789B789Boeing 787-9 paxH
A22AN22Antonov AN-22L
A26AN26Antonov AN-26L
A28AN28Antonov AN-28 / PZL Miele M-28 SkytruckL
A30AN30Antonov AN-30L
A32AN32Antonov AN-32L
A38AN38Antonov AN-38L
A40A140Antonov AN-140M
A4FA124Antonov AN-124 RuslanH
A5FA225Antonov AN-225H
A81A148Antonov AN-148-100M
AB3A30BAirbus Industrie A300 paxH
AB4A30BAirbus Industrie A300B2/B4/C4 paxH
AB6A306Airbus Industrie A300-600 paxH
ABBA3STAirbus Industrie A300-600ST Beluga FreighterH
ABFA30BAirbus Industrie A300 FreighterH
ABXA30BAirbus Industrie A300C4/F4 FreighterH
ABYA306Airbus Industrie A600-600 FreighterH
ACDn/aGulfstream/Rockwell (Aero) Commander/Turbo CommanderL
ACPAC68Gulfstream/Rockwell (Aero) CommanderL
ACTAC90Gulfstream/Rockwell (Aero) Turbo CommanderL
AGHA109Agusta A109n/a
ALMLOADAyres LM-200 LoadmasterM
AN4AN24Antonov AN-24M
AN6n/aAntonov AN-26 / AN-30 /AN-32M
AN7AN72Antonov AN-72 / AN-74M
ANFAN12Antonov AN-12M
APHn/aEurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA330 Puma / AS332 Super Puman/a
AR1RJ1HAvro RJ100 AvrolinerM
AR7RJ70Avro RJ70 AvrolinerM
AR8RJ85Avro RJ85 AvrolinerM
ARJn/aAvro RJ70 / RJ85 / RJ100 AvrolinerM
ARXn/aAvro RJX85 / RJX100M
AT4AT43Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42-300 / 320M
AT5AT45Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42-500M
AT7AT72Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 72M
ATDAT44Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42-400M
ATFAT72Aerospatiale/Alenia ATR 72 FreighterM
ATPATPBritish Aerospace ATPM
ATRn/aAerospatiale/Alenia ATR 42/ ATR 72M
AX8RX85Avro RJX85M
B11BA11British Aerospace (BAC) One Eleven / RomBAC One ElevenM
B12BA11British Aerospace (BAC) One Eleven 200M
B13BA11British Aerospace (BAC) One Eleven 300M
B14BA11British Aerospace (BAC) One Eleven 400/475M
B15BA11British Aerospace (BAC) One Eleven 500 / RomBAC One ElevenM
B72B720Boeing 720B paxM
BE1B190Beechcraft 1900/1900C/1900DM
BE2n/aBeechcraft twin piston enginesL
BE9BE99Beechcraft 99L
BECn/aBeechcraft light aircraftL
BEHB190Beechcraft 1900DM
BEPn/aBeechcraft light aircraft - single engineL
BESB190Beechcfrat 1900/1900CM
BETn/aBeechcraft light aircraft - twin turboprop engineL
BH2n/aBell Helicoptersn/a
BNIBN2PPilatus Britten-Norman BN-2A/B IslanderL
BNTTRISPilatus Britten-Norman BN-2A Mk III TrislanderL
CCJCL60Canadair ChallengerM
CCXGLEXCanadair Global ExpressM
CD2NOMAGovernment Aircraft Factories N22B / N24A NomadL
CL4CL44Canadair CL-44M
CN1n/aCessna light aircraft - single piston engineL
CN2n/aCessna light aircraft - twin piston enginesL
CN7C750Cessna 750 Citation XM
CNAn/aCessna light aircraftL
CNCn/aCessna light aircraft - single turboprop engineL
CNJn/aCessna CitationL
CNTn/aCessna light aircraft - twin turboprop enginesL
CR1CRJ1Canadair Regional Jet 100M
CR2CRJ2Canadair Regional Jet 200M
CR7CRJ7Canadair Regional Jet 700M
CR9CRJ9Canadair Regional Jet 900M
CRACRJ9Canadair Regional Jet 705M
CRFn/aCanadair Regional Jet FreighterM
CRJn/aCanadair Regional JetM
CRKCRJXCanadair Regional Jet 1000M
CRVS210Aerospatiale (Sud Aviation) Se.210 CaravelleM
CS2C212CASA / IPTN 212 AviocarM
CV2CVLPConvair CV-240 paxM
CV4CVLPConvair CV-440 Metropolitan paxM
CV5CVLTConvair CV-580 paxM
CVFn/aConvair CV-240 / 440 / 580 / 600 / 640 FreighterM
CVRn/aConvair CV-240 / 440 / 580 / 600 / 640 paxM
CVVCVLPConvair CV-240 FreighterM
CVXCVLPConvair CV-440 FreighterM
CVYCVLTConvair CV-580 / 600 / 640 FreighterM
CWCC46Curtiss C-46 CommandoM
D10DC10Douglas DC-10 paxH
D11DC10Douglas DC-10-10/15 paxH
D1CDC10Douglas DC-10-30/40 paxH
D1FDC10Douglas DC-10 all FreightersH
D1MDC10Douglas DC-10 all Combi modelsH
D1XDC10Douglas DC-10-10 FreighterH
D1YDC10Douglas DC-10-30 / 40 FreightersH
D28D228Fairchild Dornier Do.228L
D38D328Fairchild Dornier Do.328M
D3FDC3Douglas DC-3 FreighterM
D6FDC6Douglas DC-6A/B/C FreighterM
D8Fn/aDouglas DC-8 all FreightersH
D8LDC86Douglas DC-8-62 paxH
D8Mn/aDouglas DC-8 all Combi modelsH
D8QDC87Douglas DC-8-72 paxH
D8TDC85Douglas DC-8-50 FreighterH
D8Xn/aDouglas DC-8-61 / 62 / 63 FreightersH
D8YDC87Douglas DC-8-71 / 72 / 73 FreightersH
D91DC91Douglas DC-9-10 paxM
D92DC92Douglas DC-9-20 paxM
D93DC93Douglas DC-9-30 paxM
D94DC94Douglas DC-9-40 paxM
D95DC95Douglas DC-9-50 paxM
D9CDC93Douglas DC-9-30 FreighterM
D9DDC94Douglas DC-9-40 FreighterM
D9Fn/aDouglas DC-9 all FreightersM
D9XDC91Douglas DC-9-10 FreighterM
DC3DC3Douglas DC-3 paxM
DC4DC4Douglas DC-4 paxM
DC6DC6Douglas DC6A/B paxM
DC8n/aDouglas DC-8 all pax modelsH
DC9DC9Douglas DC-9 all pax modelsM
DF2n/aDassault (Breguet Mystere) Falcon 10 / 100 / 20 / 200 / 2000M
DF3n/aDassault (Breguet Mystere) Falcon 50 / 900M
DFLn/aDassault (Breguet Mystere) FalconM
DH1DH8ADe Havilland Canada DHC-8-100 Dash 8 / 8QM
DH2DH8BDe Havilland Canada DHC-8-200 Dash 8 / 8QM
DH3DH8CDe Havilland Canada DHC-8-300 Dash 8 / 8QM
DH4DH8DDe Havilland Canada DHC-8-400 Dash 8QM
DH7DHC7De Havilland Canada DHC-7 Dash 7M
DH8n/aDe Havilland Canada DHC-8 Dash 8 all modelsM
DHBn/aDe Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver / Turbo BeaverL
DHCDHC4De Havilland Canada DHC-4 CaribouM
DHDDOVEDe Havilland DH.104 DoveL
DHHHERNDe Havilland DH.114 HeronL
DHLDHC3De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Turbo OtterL
DHODHC3De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter / Turbo OtterL
DHPDHC2De Havilland Canada DHC-2 BeaverL
DHRDH2TDe Havilland Canada DHC-2 Turbo-BeaverL
DHSDHC3De Havilland Canada DHC-3 OtterL
DHTDHC6De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin OtterL
EC3EC30Eurocopter Ec.130n/a
E70E170Embraer 170M
E75E170Embraer 175M
E90E190Embraer 190M
E95E190Embraer 195M
EM2E120Embraer EMB.120 BrasiliaL
EMBE110Embraer EMB.110 BandeirnateM
EMJn/aEmbraer 170/190M
ER3E135Embraer RJ135M
ER4E145Embraer RJ145 AmazonM
ERDE145Embraer RJ140M
ERJn/aEmbraer RJ135 / RJ140 / RJ145M
E50PEmbraer EMB-500 Phenom 100L
E55PEmbraer EMB-505 Phenom 300M
F21F28Fokker F.28 Fellowship 1000M
F22F28Fokker F.28 Fellowship 2000M
F23F28Fokker F.28 Fellowship 3000M
F24F28Fokker F.28 Fellowship 4000M
F27F27Fokker F.27 Friendship / Fairchild F.27M
F28F28Fokker F.28 FellowshipM
F50F50Fokker 50M
F5FF50Fokker 50 FreighterM
F70F70Fokker 70M
FA7n/aFairchild Dornier 728JETM
FK7F27Fairchild FH.227M
FRJJ328Fairchild Dornier 328JETM
GRGG21Grumman G.21 GooseL
GRJn/aGulfstream Aerospace G-1159 Gulfstream II / III / IV / VM
GRMG73TGrumman G.73 Turbo MallardL
GRSG159Gulfstream Aerospace G-159 Gulfstream IM
H25n/aBritish Aerospace (Hawker Siddeley) HS.125M
HECCOUCHelio H-250 Courier / H-295 / 385 Super CourierL
HS7A748Hawker Siddeley HS.748M
I14I114Ilyushin IL114M
I93IL96Ilyushin IL96-300 paxH
I9FIL96Ilyushin IL96 FreightersH
I9MIL96Ilyushin IL96M paxH
I9XIL96Ilyushin IL96-300 FreighterH
I9YIL96Ilyushin IL96T FreighterH
IL6IL62Ilyushin IL62H
IL7IL76Ilyushin IL76H
IL8IL18Ilyushin IL18M
IL9IL96Ilyushin IL96 paxH
ILWIL86Ilyushin IL86H
J31JS31British Aerospace Jetstream 31L
J32JS32British Aerospace Jetstream 32L
J41JS41British Aerospace Jetstream 41M
JSTn/aBritish Aerospace Jetstream 31 / 32 / 41L/M
JU5JU52Junkers Ju52/3MM
L10L101Lockheed L-1011 Tristar paxH
L11L101Lockheed L-1011 1 / 50 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 250 Tristar paxH
L15L101Lockheed L-1011 500 Tristar paxH
L1FL101Lockheed L-1011 Tristar FreighterH
L49CONILockheed L-1049 Super ConstellationM
L4TL410LET 410L
LCHn/aLaunch - Boatn/a
LOEL188Lockheed L-188 Electra paxM
LOFL188Lockheed L-188 Electra FreighterM
LOHC130Lockheed L-182 / 282 / 382 (L-100) HerculesM
LOML188Lockheed L-188 Electra Mixed ConfigurationM
LRJn/aGates LearjetM
M11MD11McDonnell Douglas MD11 paxH
M1FMD11McDonnell Douglas MD11 FreighterH
M1MMD11McDonnell Douglas MD11 Mixed ConfigurationH
M80MD80McDonnell Douglas MD80M
M81MD81McDonnell Douglas MD81M
M82MD82McDonnell Douglas MD82M
M83MD83McDonnell Douglas MD83M
M87MD87McDonnell Douglas MD87M
M88MD88McDonnell Douglas MD88M
M90MD90McDonnell Douglas MD90M
MBHB105Eurocopter (MBB) Bo.105n/a
MD9EXPLMD Helicopters MD900 Explorern/a
MIHMI8MIL Mi-8 / Mi-17 / Mi-171 / Mil-172n/a
MU2MU2Mitsubishi Mu-2L
ND2N262Aerospatiale (Nord) 262M
NDCS601Aerospatiale SN.601 CorvetteL
NDEn/aEurocopter (Aerospatiale) AS350 Ecureuil / AS355 Ecureuil 2n/a
NDHS65CEurocopter (Aerospatiale) SA365C / SA365N Dauphin 2n/a
PA1n/aPiper light aircraft - single piston engineL
PA2n/aPiper light aircraft - twin piston enginesL
PAGn/aPiper light aircraftL
PATn/aPiper light aircraft - twin turboprop enginesL
PL2PC12Pilatus PC-12L
PL6PC6TPilatus PC-6 Turbo PorterL
PN6P68Partenavia P.68L
RFSn/aRoad Feeder Service - Cargo Truckn/a
S20SB20Saab 2000M
S58S58TSikorsky S-58Tn/a
S61S61Sikorsky S-61n/a
S76S76Sikorsky S-76n/a
SF3SF34Saab SF340M
SFFSF34Saab SF340 FreighterM
SH3SH33Shorts SD.330M
SH6SH36Shorts SD.360M
SHBBELFShorts SC-5 BelfastM
SHSSC7Shorts SC-7 SkyvanL
SSCCONCAerospatiale/BAC ConcordeH
SU1Sukhoi Superjet 100M
SU7Sukhoi Superjet 100-75M
SU9Sukhoi Superjet 100-95M
SWMn/aFairchild (Swearingen) SA26 / SA226 / SA227 Metro / Merlin / ExpediterL
T20T204Tupolev Tu-204 / Tu-214M
T2FT204Tupolev Tu-204 FreighterM
TU3T134Tupolev Tu134M
TU5T154Tupolev Tu154M
VCVVISCVickers ViscountM
WWPWW24Israel Aircraft Industries 1124 WestwindM
YK2YK42Yakovlev Yak 42M
YK4YK40Yakovlev Yak 40M
YN2Y12Harbin Yunshuji Y12M
YN7AN24Xian Yunshuji Y7M

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